Nag Tibba Trek

Nag Tibba Trek – Beginners Trek | Uttarakhand

Nag Tibba Trek: Embrace the real beauty amidst the Himalayas

Nag Tibba trek is a circular trek with a different finishing point than the starting point. As you descend from the summit, you will notice a diverse landscape. On your way back, you will find some quaint villages and amazingly beautiful Deodar forests which help you stay refreshed and calm.


Nag Tibba Trek

Pc: Pratik Panda

If you want quick refreshment and want to escape from city life for a day or two, then Nag Tibba is where the compass points. What’s worth appreciating is that it is less explored and the trekking route near Mussoorie is relatively new so you won’t find too much rush there either.  The course starts with Garhwal Himalayas, and Nag Tibba is the highest peak in the entire range. It is home to abundant flora and fauna, and with its reverberating beauty, it keeps the trekkers busy. You will come across points where you will be able to witness the grand Bandarpoonch Peak, the jaw-dropping view of Gangotri Peaks, the towering Kedarnath Peak, the enthralling Changabang Peaks and the famed Doon Valley.


Nag Tibba easy winter trek

Interesting facts about the trek :

Nag Tibba trek, also called the trek to the Serpent’s Peak is a grand, serene and magnificent delight, everyone. If you happen to be an adventure lover, then you will love it especially. The trek showcases the beautiful serenity and exciting views along with enthralling trekking routes made through thick jungles and vast meadows. Nag Tibba is at an altitude of 3022 meters.

What adds to the experience is the camping experience which is quite rugged and gives one the highlight of nature and living without the modern concrete homes, away from wifi and smartphones.  You can see the beautiful sky and gaze at the glistening and twinkling stars and enjoy the calm beauty of the campsite inside your camps. If you are not that fit and can’t take other high altitude treks, then Nag Tibba is especially recommended.

Bandarpunch from Nag Tibba trek

pic credit: Paul Hamilton [Flicker]

Nag Tibba Trek Itinerary :

The Nag Tibba trek is of two days. It starts from Dehradun, then take you to Pantwari and finally to Nag Tibba Base Camp. You will see the Nag Tibba temple on the first day of trekking and if you feel like, attend the bonfire for a refreshing session and sumptuous dinner.

The Nag Tibba summit is just 3 kilometers away from the main base camp. The base camp is the point where you will be able to see the magnificent and ageless beauty of some beautiful peaks like Swargarohini, Kedarnath, Bandarpoonch, and Gangotri. Then as you descend, you will retrace your steps but through a different route.

Beautiful sunset Nag tibba trek

Pic Credit : Flickr


Nag Tibba trek weather in summer :

Nag Tibba Trek temperature 16-25 degrees during the day and drops to 8-16 degrees during nights.  The total trekking distance is only 15km, and the maximum altitude is 9,910ft. Speaking of the difficulty level, it is quite an easy trek with Dehradun being the closest railway station.

Day 1 :

On day one, you will travel from Dehradun to Pantwari and finally to the Nag Tibba Base camp with an 85 Km drive and an 8 km trek.

Arrive Dehradun and take shared taxi or bus to the Pantwari village through the Mussoorie, Kempty Fall. As soon as you will reach Pantwari village and begin your day one trek to the Nag Tibba Temple. Once enter the Nag Tibba, conclude your day with the lovely evening bonfire and overnight stay at the camp, under the stunning sheet of stars.


Nag Tibba Winter Trek

Day 2 :

On day two, you will trek from Nag Tibba Summit to Pantwari and then back to Dehradun over 3 Km to the summit with 8 Km descending way. Enjoy your lip-smacking breakfast at local restaurants and begin your trek to Nag Tibba Top (3084 meters). As you reach the Reach nag Tibba top, I just hope you don’t forget camera at your home and make the most out of your time at the top and see the striking views of the Himalayan peaks such as Swarga-Rohini, Kedarnath, Gangotri, etc.

After finishing lunch at the camp, take a descending route to the Pantwari village, and a final drive to Dehradun. If you want to, you can stay the night in the town of Dehradun as well for some shopping and exploration of the city. It is one of the cheapest treks and will not cost more than 5000rs.

Nag Tibba snow trek

Summary of Nag Tibba Trek :

Place | Uttarakhand
Starting point | Pantwari
Finishing Point | Nag Tibba
Height| 9915 ft
Trek length | Approx 12 km 
Time of trek | 10-12 hrs depending upon your stamina.
Mode | foot with stick support.
Essentials | Power bank, poncho, move/voilini, toiletries. 
Terrain | Easy
To see | Stargazing, Nag Devta Temple
Definitely, Do’s | Photography with snowcapped mountains in background
Don’ts  |   Rushing to cover the trek fast is a big no-no.
Note | Please don’t litter.

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