Indrahar pass trek

INDRAHAR PASS TREK – What lies beyond Triund

Indrahar Pass Trek: Enthralling Trek in the Himachal Pradesh

Adorned with amazing landscapes, glistening streams, deep gorges, quaint lakes and astonishing deodar forest, the Indrahar Pass Trek in Himachal Pradesh is among the best treks of the state. It is awe-inspiring and magnificent for trekkers of all age groups. It gives you a journey that becomes a perfect combination of beautiful nature and traditional Himachali colors. With an elevation of 2,875 meters to 4,425 meters, Indrahar Pass works as the border between Kangra and Chamba districts. It gives travelers a glimpse into the Dhauladhar range with the enthralling views of valleys in between. While on the trek, travelers will come across the serene waters of Lake Mankiani and Kareri. Nevertheless, what makes the journey even better is the dark boulder road tracks in the Dhauladhar with rhododendrons forests, a broad range of avifauna at high altitude and numerous streams on the way.


The Indrahar Pass trek is easy to moderate treks in the state of Himachal Pradesh. It begins from the famed hippie center McLeodganj (also known as the seat of Dalai Lama) to Triund at 2,875 meters. The trek stretches all the way to Triund via the Dhramkot village and Galu Devi with splendid views of the Kangra Valley along with Dharamshala town right under.

Beyond Triund :

Beginning from Triund, the trail further leads to the Lahesh Cave via Laka crossing a meadow and then goes to the Indrahar Pass with a simple walk over the rocks straight to the North East face of the ridge. To the south of the pass are the Kangra valley and some distant plains of Punjab covered in a thick blue haze. In the north lies the range of Pir Panjal with Kishtwar staying in the west. Bara Bangahal in the east and Manimahesh in the northeast.

At the end of the trek, you can take a downhill trek from karri to McLeodganj. The trail from the pass crosses to the Chhata, passing into a beautiful valley then Kuarsi and Brehi on the way to Lamu. Post-Lamu, the trek trail reaches Donali and the Minikiani Lake while crossing to the dense forest of Drakund. Passing the Minikiani Lake, the route leads to Kareri Lake and then to the camp at Kareri followed by the downhill trek to McLeodganj.
Enroute, the trek trail gives you sufficient opportunity to steal a glimpse into the deepest, most beautiful meadows and valleys of Himachal Pradesh.

The highlights of the trekking tour of Indrahar Pass trek :

• Fantastic views of the Dhauladhar and Pir Panjal range of mountains
• See the famous beautiful peaks like Moon (4666 m), Arthur’s Seat (4525 m), etc.
• Get the opportunity to camp in Lahesh Cave which is a natural rock shelter
• Get an overnight stay in hotel/Guest House/Camp
• See the enthralling Chamba Valley

The initial part of the trek maintains a steady climb and the later part of it gets a bit steep. While on the trek, you will come across a variety of Himalayan fauna like the Monal bird, wild goats, and leopard.
The best time to take Indrahar Pass Trek is between mid-May to June and September to mid-October. This trek is also famous for bird-watchers as the site is among the best birding sites in India.


Your full itinerary for the Indrahar Pass Trek :

Travel from Delhi to McLeodganj (2196 Meters) by your car or in a classy AC Volvo Coach and enjoy your voyage with a film, some music or a novel. Arrive in McLeodganj early in the morning and enjoy your stay at the hotel. Take some time to explore the fabulous McLeodganj or go shopping in the evening for some elegant Himalayan finds. If you happen to hire trekking guide; will give you the proper training session and provide you sufficient and primary instruction while distributing necessary gadgets-instruments for trekking. You can also research on the internet to avoid the extra cost of the guide.

Relax under the sheet of stars in McLeodganj on your first day and sleep off the commotion.

Day 1 :

Try to start trekking as early in the morning as possible. The Indrahar pass trek will begin when you trek from McLeodganj to Triund (2994 Meters) covering 9 Kilometers over 3-4 Hours. The trek will take you through Dhramkot to the campsite.

Indrahar pass trek

Day 2 :

Day two will take you from Triund to Lahesh Cave (3598 Meters) covering 6 Kilometers over 3-4 Hrs. After breakfast, get ready to trek to Lahesh Cave by crossing the overpass and hiking through the Conifer and oak trees outline. Spend the beautiful night at the campsite and enjoy dinner under the bare sky.

Indrahar pass trek

Day 3:

Day three is the most exciting day as it takes you from Lahesh Cave to the Indrahar Pass (4375 Meters) via Chatru Parao covering the longest 12 Kilometres over 8-9 Hours. The trek will be on the extensive snowfield of the Indrahar Pass. Start the uphill trek and move in the direction of Indrahar Pass. This trail on day five is a bit difficult as it is a bit steep climb for around 300 to 400 meters. Once you reach the pass, you will see the enchanting Pir Panjal Range (4,100 m) to the North. Alluring Mani Mahesh Kailash peak (5656 Meters) to the East. After catching fascinating glimpses of the ranges, trek back to the Chatru Parao campsite and enjoy dinner.

Day 4:

Day four takes you from Chatru Parao to Kuarsi (2747 Meters) covering 15 Kilometres over 6 to 7 hrs. Trek will take you to the left side of the valley, crossing an overpass and some meadows until Kuarsi (in the right part of the valley). Enjoy sumptuous dinner at the campsite.

Indrahar pass trek

For day 5 :

Trek from Kuarsi to Machetar (5886 Feet) and further go to Chamba covering 16 Kilometres over 5 to 6 hrs. Begin your day with the trek to the Machetar where you can get a shared taxi that will drop you at your Chamba. Day five trek is easy as you trek only for 18 km. Enjoy delicious dinner at local food joints and spend the night, getting your energy reserves back on before you travel back home.


Place | Himachal Pradesh
Starting point | McLeodganj
Trek length | Approx 58-60 kilometres 
Time of trek | 5 days.
Difficulty level | Easy to Difficult
Mode | foot with wooden stick support.
Essentials | Power bank, poncho, move/voilini, toiletries.  
Terrain | trekking through rock surface, crossing river streams, snow lines
To see | Water cascades, clouds, clear blue skies and breathtaking forest in sunlight, beautiful Dhauladhar range
Definitely, Do’s | Night star gazing, staying at Lahesh Cave rock shelter
Don’ts  | Don’t rush to cover the trek asap, enjoy the slow walk and hydrate as much as you can.
Note | Please don’t litter

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