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Hemkund – valley of flower trek: Visit the revered spot in the grand valley

Whether you are a nature lover or a trekker or just a botanist, the charm of Hemkund-Valley of Flower Trek has taken over everyone.

This Valley of Flower trek is quite daunting and gives travelers access to the Himalayan valley. If you want to see the rich biodiversity and fabulous surroundings of the Himalayas, then this is the perfect location.


The way to Hemkund, the valley of flower trek starts from Haridwar and takes you via the beautiful villages of Govindghat and Ghangaria. It is at an altitude of 11000 feet which is quite high so that you will need acclimatization. At this is the transition zone lying between the Himalayas and the famed Zanskar Range, so this is quite famous among travelers for numerous reasons. Its beauty is one of the primary reasons.

Valley of flower trek Hemkund

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According to the legend, this transition point has often offered refuse to sages and hermits who visit the valley for practising Yoga and meditation. Because of varying altitude of the valley and the beautiful lofty mountains that surround it, the valley exhibits a varying range of vegetation zones. On the low areas, you will find conifers, with vast meadows of grass, lichens, mosses and large shrubs all the way up. Way above these fields and grasslands, you will find the alpine zone, where there is no grass and no trees.

Best Time to Visit Valley of Flower Trek :

The best time to visit the Valley of flowers is from June to September. Numerous streams await you, and you will see the most beautiful views of the valley on this trek.

Over hundreds of flowers species in different hues bloom in the region in numerous growing seasons throughout the year. Several flower species are endemic and threatened which is why the government has limited human activity in the area. There are innumerable animals founds in the valley too, and some of them are Red foxes, Himalayan black bears, Himalayan tahrs, Musk deer, Brown bears, Snow leopards, Monals, etc.

What’s interesting about Valley of Flower trek is that you get to visit the revered Hemkund Sahib. The Gurudwara is located around 15200 feet above sea level, and the trek is spellbinding. You will see a beautiful lake right behind the gurdwara where you can take time off and enjoy. You can relax at this spot and stop for some pictures.

Your Six day-long Itinerary from Haridwar to the Valley of Flower Trek :

On day one you will be visiting Haridwar and then driving all the way to GovindGhat. Haridwar will be your arriving point, and your destination will be Govindghat which is around 290 km away. It is a picturesque town located approximately 5997 feet above sea level. As you reach GovindGhat, rest and enjoy your beautiful evening at Ganga ghat.

Next morning, you will embark on a nice and ruggedly rough hike to the awe-inspiring village of Ghangaria. Ghangaria is at the height of around 10003 feet from sea level. You will be covering 14 km during the day and this little excursion on your day two will take about 6-7 hours.This initial part of the trek begins just after you cross the bridge over the mesmeric Alaknanda River. It is roughly a 13 km journey, and throughout, you face a gradual ascent. Check in to the hotel and don’t forget to hunt cheap hotels here. Enjoy the evening walk in the local area and take proper rest.

Day 3 :

You will trek from Ghangaria to the Valley of Flower and come back from the Valley of Flower to Ghangaria. After getting ready in the morning and some warm up exercising, your trek will begin from the village. Within a kilometer, you will get to the entry gate of the Grand Valley of Flowers National Park. Here you will need to buy the tickets. As you step inside, you will see a trail lined with hued flowers of numerous species making your excursion for the day even more spellbinding.

After covering a kilometer, you will reach a beautiful bridge across the stream (you will encounter many en route on this trek) and be being covered by the lofty mountains is what makes the bridge setting even more beautiful.

By this time, the trail will grow into a rocky path as you keep trudging on it.

As you trek on the flatter land, you will see the magnificent valley which will be followed by a river crossing. You will notice the wondrous vegetation zones of the Himalayas and rocky slopes from this point. Here you can explore the valley and enjoy it is to the fullest while relaxing in the beautiful spot full of numerous streams and amazing rocky slopes.

You will hike down the towering mountains while on your way back to Ghangaria. Spend the night at the hotel and enjoy yourself some excellent hospitality.

Day 4 :

Your day four will take you from Ghangaria to Hemkund Sahib and bring back to Ghangaria. You will have to wake up early in the morning and begin your day’s expedition to the grand Hemkund Sahib. It is a 7 km long excursion, and it starts with you covering the gradual ascent via the Himalayas. You will reach a point where you will feel that the oxygen is reducing so you will need to acclimatize fast and manage the conditions.

You will hike your way up, and on this point, you will find it easy to breathe. While here, make sure that you don’t sit down as this will make it only harder for you to get back up and endure the conditions to reach your destination. Within an hour of ascending, you will enter the Gurudwara. Pay homage and enjoy some time at the spot, and by the afternoon, begin your hike again.

Post afternoon, your hike will take you way down among the mountains, all the way back to Ghangaria. While on your way down, you will quickly cover the 7 km in just five hours compared to the morning’s 7 hours. Enjoy a good night’s sleep at the hotel and enjoy the service and the fresh air in Ghangaria.

Day 5 :

You will trek from Ghangaria to Govindghat by trekking down for around 14 km via the Himalayan Ranges. On reaching Govindghat, take a hotel which suits your pocket and rest. If the weather allows and works in your favor then you can also make a trip to the Badrinath.

The final day of Valley of Flower Trek :

On day six, you will travel back from Govindghat to Haridwar, take a shared taxi as you will not find a bus.

Once you have reached Haridwar, you can take a train back home. Or you can take a day off to enjoy the sacred town and do some shopping.

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