Stok Kangri Trek – Highest trek in the Himalayas | Ladakh

Stok Kangri Trek: The challenging Himalayan trek that tests your power

Stok Kangri trek has this incredible and magnificent attracting power that invites so many to this challenging trek. Those who haven’t done a high altitude trek before want to complete this trek as well. This is the highest trek-able summit situated at an elevation of about 20500 feet.
The route to Stok Kangri Peak shows us numerous thrilling sights such as the lofty mountains of the Himalayas and turn into a fantasy and dreamlike destination in reality. If you are an adventure admirer, then it is even better. Stok Kangri Trek is among the fascinating places of India with Ladakh being its peak parent.

Stok Kangri Trek recently gained exposure and popularity because of the growing adventure culture in the area, and this is what makes the destination tremendously exciting. It has the perfect deserted surroundings and the trails covered with numerous ridges that contribute to its beauty. During the winter, Stok Kangri embraces the beauty and does so in a fashion. Its thick snow cover provides snowclad peak views which are heavenly. From the summit, you can see the Zanskar as well as the Indus Valley very clearly.

stok kangri trek

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Stok Kangri Trek itinerary

The best time to take this 40 km trek is during the months from July to August. Your day one begins with your arrival in Leh. Here is the point where the fun starts, and you check in to your hotel. Begin your acclimatization and enjoy the night at the hotel.

Day 2 :

On day two, you get used to the high altitude and take a day to explore the beautiful Leh. Enjoy your breakfast at the hotel, take a hike for better acclimatization for around 3-4 hours. You can enjoy the second half of the day visiting the unraveling monasteries in and out Leh like the Shey and Thiksey. Spend the night at the hotel and enjoy your dinner with lovely weather.

Day 3 :

On day three, you will travel from Leh (11500 ft.) to Chang Ma (13087 ft.) via the Stok Village (11800 ft.) it is among the best sites to trek. Trekking in Leh is indeed a dreamlike situation and considered sacred and the ultimate adventure by many. Many believe a trek in Leh a perfect trek and embrace it as the most beautiful moment of their life. At some point, you might just feel that you are indeed in heaven. Day three begins with a classy drive from Leh to the Stok Village. On this trip, you will witness numerous exotic views of the valley and mountains. The ride that takes you to the Stok village is entirely an adventure and full of greenery with lush meadows and dense trees.

The Stok village is to the south of Leh, and it is best known for its royal palace. You can visit the museum as well for checking out some culture. Following the drive, you will trek to Chang Ma. It is quite an arduous trek, but you will see the real beauty and joy of a snow trek. Spend the night at the camp and enjoy the starry night and shoot some real night portraits which you seldom get the chance to do in cities.

Day 4 :

On day fourth, you will trek from Chang Ma (13087 ft.) to Mankorma (14200 ft.). With the first few days spent on acclimatization, now you set off for Stok Kangri trekking.

This whole trek covered the grey landscape of the beautiful Ladakh. The destination Mankorma is indeed a striking one and gives you the answer to the question why Ladhakh is called a cold desert. There are some streams during the trek, and the area is heavenly. Along the river, the route is easy, and like usual, you spend the night in tents/camps.

Day 5:

On day fifth, you go from Mankorma (14200 ft.) to Basecamp (16300 ft.) Within just a few hours of the trek, you will reach the base camp and this exotic space called the base camp is quite a stunning one, located in a grassy area and lush greenery. The base camp area has quite many streams and lakes. You can spend the day walking in the upper regions of the campsite and getting some great views of the mountains.

From this point, you will see some amazingly beautiful peaks like Gulap Kangri, Parcha Kangri, etc. Also, you can relax at the base camp and get to acclimatize to the weather. Getting used to the weather and elevation is crucial, so you don’t feel a shortness of breath in the coming days. Again, you spend the night in tents and since the temperature will go down a lot on the night so make sure that you are carrying sufficient warm clothes.

Day 6 :

On day six, you just practice training and relax. If you had a hard time trekking to the base camp, then this day will be a pleasure for you all since it focuses on training and relaxing. You can spend time getting trained for the upcoming trek and get to know the terrain changes quickly. When trekking, only walking is not sufficient. Knowing where you are walking and what other trails are available is also essential. One must acquire knowledge about the place they are trekking so you can rely on your guide to get to know more about the location. By this time, you would have acclimatized so you won’t feel much different from the changing weather.

Day 7 :

On day seven, you will go from Basecamp (16300 ft.) to Stok Kangri (20080 ft.) and then come back to the base camp. After a day of rest, your Stok Kangri trek begins again and takes you to the rightful stunning destination that you have waiting. Day seven is the big climb so you will need to wake up early to finish it. This trek will take you through glaciers, steep slopes, and the summit ridge. So stay prepared for some heavenly natural highlights and miracles and keep yourself warm with sufficient clothing.

During the beginning of the trek, you will reach the summit of the ridge where you can click some picture and enjoy the views. The views are a godsend for avid photographers and enthusiasts. In the north, the Karakoram range is visible with Saser Kangri dominating the sky, and the Zanskar ranges lie in the south. Spend the night at the camp and enjoy a beautiful evening tucked among the glaciers and towering mountains.

Day 8 :

On day eight, you will move from Basecamp to the Leh which will prove to be a heavenly experience for everyone. It is the last day of your Stok Kangri trek. As you the high altitude and challenging trek comes to an end, you will feel a sense of relief of going home to, but some part of you would want to stay in the mountains. On your way, you will see numerous views of the mountains and enjoy the beauty of Ladakh. You will retrace your footsteps back to the Leh through a beautiful drive and cute memories of the hills.
As you reach Leh, you can stay another day to enjoy the beauty of this quintessential adventure location.



Summary of Stok Kangri Trek :

Place | J & K
Starting point | Chang Ma
Finishing Point | Stok Kangri
Height| 20,187 ft
Trek length | Approx 45 km 
Time of trek | 8-9 Days 
Mode | foot with stick support, appropriate shoes
Essentials | Power bank, poncho, move/voilini, toiletries. 
Terrain | Difficult
To see | Stargazing
Definitely, Do’s | Photography with snowcapped mountains in background
Don’ts  |   Rushing to cover the trek fast is a big no-no.
Note | Please don’t litter.

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