Pin Parvati Trek -The most picturesque trail in all of Himachal

Pin Parvati Trek: The most picturesque trail in all of Himachal


The famed and thrilling Pin Parvati Trek was discovered in 1884 when trekkers were looking for an alternate passage to the deserted and cold Spiti Valley in the state of Himachal Pradesh. The trek is among the most enthralling and taxing trekking trails in all over India. It takes the trekkers to a high of 5,319m from the sea level. The best time to walk on this beautiful trek is throughout July to September. A point that should be noted is that this is a terrible trek thus those with excellent trekking skills should choose this challenging trek.

In all over Manali, the Pin Parvati trek is the most favored one. It leads the trekker to a high of 5319 meters and is great for seasoned trekkers from all over the world. The best time to take this trek remains July to September with Manali easily accommodating the significant number of trekkers. The Parvati Valley is a fascinating landscape that lets trekkers see the relishing greenery of Kullu and threatening and towering peaks and desertion of Spiti Valley.

Pin Parvati trek from_Sarpass

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An interesting point during the trek is the Pin Parvati Pass which gives trekkers the real deal: A sight worth dying. Trekkers should encounter risk and difficulty during the trek, and the crossing fields will be lengthy, and there might even be snowfall in the summer months!

Seasoned trekkers will find their appetite for adventure and tough trails satiated with this trek. It is normal to see it challenging since it is among the most thrilling treks of India. While up there, you will feel the state of bliss with amazing sceneries and grand views of striking landscapes of the Spiti Valley. The trek will be a blend of steep slopes, Snow clad peaks, gradual climbs, rugged passes, etc. To complete this 100km trek, you will need high trekking skills. The trek will last up to 11 days and in these eleven days. You will come across the most beautiful sights of Himachal Pradesh in the Parvati Valley.

Some facts about the Pin Parvati Trek:

The trek is around 110 km long, and the maximum altitude is 17,457 ft. If worried about the climate, then we recommend a day off for acclimatization. You can spend the day walking around and exploring the beautiful city of Manali.

The Pin Parvati trek and your Itinerary for 10days:

On day one, you will drive from Kullu to Barsheni Village which is the starting point of your trek. You will be trekking form Barsheni to Ruranath Camp. Barsheni less among appealing pine forests and impressive meadows and serves as the beginning point of the trek. The destination will be basecamp in Rudranath through the Kalga Village with the latter being only 30 minutes away from Barsheni. When you reach the camp, enjoy yourself and the night under the dark sky and take sumptuous dinner.

Day 2 :

On the second day, you will be trekking from Rudranath to Khirganga. It will start with your brief to the nearby bridge where you can steal beautiful views of the Parvati River and the following lush meadows.  You will reach the base camp only after half an hour of trekking and close to the basecamp lies Kheerganga. Once you arrive there, you will notice splendid views of the pine forests and a spectacular waterfall. Spend the night close to the fall in Kheerganga and enjoy yourself in the sheer beauty of Himachal Pradesh in its most pristine condition.

Pin Parvati Trek High altitude trek

Day 3 :

On day three, your trek will begin from Khirganga to Tunda Bhuj (10,500ft). It will involve an ascending trek via a steady trail that will make you see the most beautiful meadows, stream, and temporary bridge. While on this trek you will also see the astonishing beauty of the Parvati River and numerous bird species. After one hour into the trek, you will feel that the trail is going up and you will get amazingly beautiful panoramic views of the Parvati Valley. Finally, after a 5-hour long trek, you will reach the destination Tunda Bhuj campsite. So enjoy after the long day and take a nice dinner and give into nature to completely relax.

Day 4 :

On your day four, your trek trail will take you from Tunda Bhuj to Thakur Kuan (11,000ft). Here you will see some magnificent valleys and numerous bridges! You will start the trek with an easy ascend via the flowery meadows. After this, you will have to cross a bridge that’s a bit longer than others and needs some extra time crossing. You will notice the change in terrains, and quickly, you will be going up in the direction and the trail might get the study, but it will only be that way for around 15-30 minutes. Once the sturdy trek is over, you will reach an uneven and rocky meadow.

The final crossing will be through the Pandu Bridge, and you will have to continue walking towards the Parvati River, and you will reach Thakur Kuan campsite by sunset. Enjoy the night like usual at the campground and satiate your hunger pangs for the next day,

Pin Parvati Trek snow trek

Day 5 and day 6 Rest Day :

Day five trek will take from Thakurkuan to Mantalai (13,400ft), and you will be crossing numerous streams this time like the Parvati River, among others. You will walk through amazingly dense and green forests and the vast meadows and orchards. During the trek, you will get the see the fascinating Mantalai Range (13,400ft) and a couple of nearby glaciers. What’s more interesting is that your day five will give you a beautiful sight of the Pin Parvati Pass. You will have to spend the night at Mantalai Camps and prepare for the next morning like usual.

Day 7 :

Your day seven will be a trek from Mantalai Lake to Pin Parvati Camp (side) (14850ft) that you will embark on post breakfast at the Mantalai Camp. You will be crossing the river and continue with the ascending route via the rugged trails and stunning glaciers. As you trek to the right of the slope, you will reach the base camp at 1,4850ft after a trek of around 8-9 hours. The campsite is nestled among amazingly beautiful vistas and glaciers so you will get to enjoy the beautiful sights and overnight at such a beautiful site.

Pin Parvati trek from delhi

Day 8 :

Your day eight will take you from Pin Parvati Base Camp to Wichkurung Thatch. You will start the day from Pin Parvati Valley. Two distinct ways can be used to complete this trek, but you will follow the one that takes you through flowery meadows, high glaciers, and lofty peaks. Soak in the magnificent views and the aura and enjoy the attractively unusual or old-fashioned people at the Gompa region.

Once on the trail, you will reach the Rampur Pass through the right trek of the valley. Once you make it through the pass, you will arrive Wichkurung Thatch which is in the pampas and verdant forests. Enjoy the night at Wichkurung Thatch and get ready for the next day.

Pin Parvati Trek

Day 9 :

On day nine of your trek, you will be trekking from Wichkurung Thatch to Mud Village and then will further drive from Mud Village all the way to Kaza. To reach Mud village, you will just have to follow the enthralling beauty of the morning glow. This trek will take you through the Spiti Valley. You will reach Mud Village by lunch, and once there, you can drive to the Kaza region. You will have to spend the night at Kaza region and begin your journey back to Manali in the morning from here.

Finally, on day ten, you will be driven from Kaza to Manali (over a period of 9 hours). Your breakfast will be in Kaza so eat well for a long drive after this and enjoy the city well since this will be your last day in Kaza. The ride will be through high altitudes and will give the best views of some enthralling peaks and picturesque mountains.  Once you reach Manali, you will spend some time there and enjoy a nice Himachali Town vacation.

The pin Parvati trek trail is worth treasuring so if you are planning g to go on this trek, make sure that you hire an excellent guide who knows everything about the trek and is excellent at guiding. Preferably go with somebody who is extremely experienced.

Moreover, don’t forget to pack for the climate and ensure that you carry everything essential and necessary, so you don’t have to worry while on the trek.


Summary of Pin Parvati Trek:

Place | Himachal
Starting point | Barsheni
Trelength | Approx 110-120km
Time of trek | 10 -12 days.
Difficulty level | Moderate
Mode | foot with wooden stick support
Essentials | Power bank, poncho, move/violini, and toiletries.  
Terrain | forest, and glaciers.
To see | Water cascades, clouds, clear blue skies.
Definitely, Do’s | Night star gazing and hot water spring in kheerganga and eat local delicious food.
Don’ts  | Rush to cover the distance. avoid trekking at night.
Note | Please don’t litter

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