Grahan Village Trek – A Winsome village

Grahan Village is situated at height of around 7,700 feet above the sea level. Grahan village falls on the way to SAR PASS trek (20 km from Grahan village). From Kasol to Grahan Village it is 10km hike which passes though forest and meadows. Try Grahan Village Trek if you have you already tried trekking to different mountain peaks and have not yet found that one place you are looking for? Have you already trekked Tosh, Triund trek, Kheerganga trek, etc.. Then you are at right place to collect information.

Are you looking for no to almost zero crowds at the trek and a village having less than 50-60 homes of locals? We welcome to this beguiling village called Grahan. You can either take homestay in the village or you can camp near the village and enjoy local food. The homestay as well as food are really cheap and will cost you not more than 300-400rs for a day all together night stay, lunch, and dinner.

What to expect on Grahan Village Trek:

The trek starts from the right of Parvati River at Kasol and passes through many small bridges. If you are planning to visit in early summer you will be greeted by flowers on the trek which will surely bring a smile on your face. Not only the alluring sceneries of ice-capped mountains but the sound of water will keep you refreshed throughout the trek. You can spot different kinds of birds on your trek. As evening will fall you can find mountain goats heard heading for the village.

Difficulty on the Grahan Village Trek :

Note that after covering 80% of trek you will reach a junction where you will have to decide if you want a tough trek to reach Grahan Village or the easy but longer one. The left-hand side trek is short but tricky and only a few trekkers take that way as the land is slippery and the trek is very steep. Though both treks take the same time to reach Grahan Village as the trek on the left-hand side is very exhausting and requires extra efforts.

Things to note while trekking to Grahan is eating proper food before leaving Kasol.  There is no shop or seasonal shop until you reach Grahan village. Don’t forget to keep water purifier with you or carry enough water with you. Also, keep energy bars in case you feel hungry.

Things to do in Grahan Village: Enjoy bonfire with local mysterious tales, star gazing,

Grahan Village TrekWeather: The village is drowned in the snow in winter starting from November till March. Spring season is the best time to do the trek. Summer is hot but the homestay is a plus point on this trek. At homestay you get proper sleep and food which is missing on other treks.

Trekking details for Grahan Village :

Place | Grahan Village,
Starting point | Kasol
Trek length | Approx 10km
Time of trek | 6 to 7 hrs depending upon your stamina.
Mode | foot with wooden stick support.
Essentials | Power bank, poncho, move/voilini, toiletries.  
Terrain | Rocky path crossing dense forests in the first 3 quarters, last quarter of the trek is steep and required loads of effort.
To see | Water cascades, clouds, clear blue skies and breathtaking forest in sunlight.
Definitely, Do’s | Night stargazing
Don’ts  | Think to bath in the river assuming running water is slow. Complete the trek in daylight. Avoid trekking at night.
Note | Please don’t litter.

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