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Dodital Trek: Enjoy the beautiful fantasy trek


Do you need a wintry and fresh escape into a fantasy tale world? Then you need to take the Dodital Trek and visit the Darwa Pass. The trek is so awe-inspiring that it will give you shivers and the location is so magnificent that it will through numerous pleasant surprises your way. The landscape here is snowy and distinct, unlike the full concrete cities. There is a beautiful freshwater lake perched at 3085 meters which is quite a heavenly sight for the hungry eyes. According to legend, Lord Ganesha picked this place as his home and abode, and there is even a divine place, a temple made for him. Located in the state that is famously called the Land of Gods, Uttarakhand, Dodital Trek is honestly inspiring with dramatic terrain encompassing grand lakes, calm rivers and lofty mountains and spectacular Himalayan peaks.

You will pass the heavenly meadows coated with snow, covered with pine trees and will see the wondrous Himalayas on Dodital Trek. This trek will show some grand and high mountain peaks and the astonishing vast valleys. The stellar Dodital Lake is at amongst dense forests, and the trail will lead you to the much coveted Dwara Pass Top at 4150 Meters where you can get remarkable views of the Dhauladhar and Greater Himalayan Ranges. Imagine getting lost in the beauty of pine and oak forests, staring at a sharp sky full of stars while lying inside a simple tent.

Dodital Trek is all about letting nature take over and give you a pleasant experience. Don’t forget to savor some memories of the peaks and mountains on your digital phone or camera. Birdwatchers also cherish this trek a lot since it gives them a look at flora and fauna of grand Himalayas at average altitude. The Lake has a beautiful inhabitant, Golden Masheer, a famous Himalayan trout fish. Overall, Dodital Trek is a memorable trek that a Himalayan lover just can’t resist.

Your Itinerary from for Dodital Trek :

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The best time to enjoy this trek is from February to April, June, July, and September to December.
Whether you are traveling in a group or trekking alone, our itinerary will sure guide you well while planning.

Day 1 :

On day one, you will travel from Dehradun to Uttarkashi and further move towards the Sangam Chatti over 6-7hrs covering a total of 175km. The drive would be delightful, and you can stop on the way for short lunch breaks. You will reach Sangam Chatti by early evening, and this village is indeed a sight, so calm and peaceful. The market space of Sangam Chatti is where you trek begins. Make sure you pay attention to the directions your trek leader gives you so your journey is safe and you do not miss any necessary equipment.


Day 2 :

On day two, your motive will be to reach Bhebra (2250 M) from Sangam Chatti, and this will take around 3-4 hours. You can have breakfast in the village and then go trekking. It is better to trek with a full stomach, so you do not feel too hungry while trekking. You will need to do a steep climb up to the Agoda Settlement where your Dodital trek and Darwa Pass route begin. On the same point, you will come across a trail to Bhebra where you can find lodges and tea shacks. Set up camps for the night and enjoy the snow but make sure that you prepare well for next day.

Day 3 :

On day three, you will start trekking from Bhebra and complete Dodital trekking (3310 M) within 5-6 hours.
Enjoy your breakfast at the campsite and then get down to trekking from Bhebra following a trail that goes into the mixed forest past the Asi Ganga before you come across a valley in Dodital. Around 5 km from this point is (3150 m) and a Gujar settlement. So, pause for a while and enjoy the climate and break. Get back to trekking through rhododendron, pine, and bamboo. Once you reach here, you must expect snow and by noon, reach the lake by the campsite. Set up camp for the night and take a nice break.


Day 4 :

On day four, you will go from Dodital trek to Darwa Pass (4150 M) and back and this whole affair will take around 6-7 hours. On day four, you get a couple of options. Either you can stay at the camps and visit the nearby lake and click pictures and enjoy your time there. Alternatively, you can take a hike to Darwa Pass and see some more amazing views of the peaks.

The latter would require energy so eat good breakfast before you get going. You will need to ascend the summit, but you will be delighted on the initial part of the trek while walking through meadows that have rhododendron trees. Finally, you will come across a steep and long trail, but this is quite stunning regarding aesthetics. View the magnificent Himalayas and trek back to the camps.
Enjoy some tea and proper dinner at the camps and spend the night rebooting your energy levels.


Day 5 :

On day five, your trek begins from Dodital to Bhebra (2250 M), and this will take around 4-5 hours. Since it is a downhill trek, you will not have much problem descending to Bhebra. Enjoy the night in camps and soak in the glistening views of the peaks from your resting point.

Day 6 :

On day six, you will move from Bhebra to Sangam Chatti over 2-3 hours and then further drive from the Sangam Chatti to Dehradun which will take 6-7 hours.
Make sure you take a healthy and sufficient breakfast or hungers pangs will drive you insane during the trek. During the trek to reach Sangam Chatti, you will feel hungry as the trek is tough. Enjoy the beautiful walk from the Agoda Hamlet. Now, you are back to the starting point of the trek. From there, all you need to do is board the vehicle that takes you to Dehradun. Then you are back home, safe in your bed, shedding the trek fatigue.


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