Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters

 Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters


Mumbai- the land of dreams; people say that no one has the time to stop and say hello to one another when in Mumbai. You are always in a rush- to get to that meeting on time, catch the last train to your destination, gather the courage to wake up and face the heat and traffic- it’s like a never ending cycle of pace in Mumbai. The winters are not known to be the best in Mumbai, given it’s a coastal city. That’s why many people prefer to take the weekend off with family or friends to some nearby places to cool off. Here are some of the places which you could consider going to, if you are planning to do the same-

1)      Murud-Janjira Beach
Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters Murud-Janjira Beach

The beaches are Murud and Janjira are known for their breathtaking pristine beaches. In the shades of cool palm and coconut trees, you can sit and enjoy a drink here and cuddle up in warm blankets at night around a campfire or a nice cozy bed, while in Murud-Janjira because that’s how the weather is around here, during winter- not too warm not too cold, just about perfect. Enjoy long evening walks and horse rides at Murud Beach and next morning you can head out for a trip to the famous Garambi Falls. This area is also a spiritually rich area and there are many ancient temples around which are open for visits throughout the year.

Mumbai to Murud (via Dadar)

Train- Rs. 1000- Rs.2000 (3.5 hours)

Taxi- Rs.4000- Rs.5000 ( hours)

Drive- Rs.800 – Rs.1000 (2.5 hours)

Taxi (from Chruchgate)- Rs.1500- Rs.2000 (2 hours 15 minutes)

2)      Karnala Bird Sanctuary
Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters Karnala Bird Santury

Tired of all the same old hill stations and beaches? Why not give the Karnala Bird Sanctuary a try? If you are an avid bird lover and a sucker for natural wildlife and beauty, then this is the place for you. Tucked away in Raigar, it’s not very far from the city. Soak in the mesmerizing greenery and wildlife of this place while you make your way to the Karnala Fort. From here, you can catch a glimpse of many different kinds of birds. The Karnala fort overlooks the Bor Pass which is like the connecting route to the Konkan Coast. It’s also a great place to hike. Hikers are advised to carry their own food as those paths don’t really have much of a human population. You can watch a lot of these endangered migratory birds from the Karnala Pinnacle and the Nature Interpretation Centre.

Mumbai to Karnala (via Panvel)

Taxi- Rs.1400- Rs.1800 (45 minutes)

Drive- Rs. 300- Rs.500 (1 hour)

3)      Kolad
Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters Kolad

Feeling adventurous? If so, gather up our beau or your friends and take a trip to Kolad. Known for its thrilling water sports arrangements and obvious breathtaking exquisiteness, Kolad is quite a popular place for youngsters.  The weather is chilly but comfortable in winter and there are more than enough activities around to keep your adrenaline rush high. Enjoy river rafting, rowing, kayak and other fun stuff and come back to your campsite or hotel of choice. It’s truly an experience which you should let go amiss.

Mumbai to Kolad (via CST-Roha)                 

Bus- Rs.2800- Rs.3000 (4 hours)

Train- Rs.1000- Rs.3000 ( 1.5 hours)

Drive- Rs.700- Rs.1000 ( 2 hours)

4)      Nashik
Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters Nashik

A little offbeat from the usual beach resort or hill station, Nashik is actually a great place to visit from Mumbai during the weekend during the winter months. Its best to visit this place with either colleagues or family and it’s got a lot to offer. Religiously rich, Nashik has places like Panchvati, Tapovan and Sita Gufa which are living heritage sites themselves. Take some time off and visit the Gangapur Dam as well. Initially built for irrigation purposes, the Gangapur Dam is surrounded by scarcely- populated villages and peaceful surroundings which are bound to relax your aching mind. Also, one must never forget to visit the Sula Vineyards while in Nashik. See how it’s all done and go for a round of wine tasting to wrap up your memorable trip.

Mumbai to Nashik

Train- Rs.800- Rs.1000 (4 hours)

Bus- Rs. 500- Rs.800 (6 hours)

Drive- Rs. 1000- Rs.1500 (3 hours)

5)      Chikaldara Hills
Weekend Getaways near Mumbai during winters Chikaldara Hills

Rich in culture and history, the Chikaldara Hills are yet again, another popular place to visit during the winter. The place comes alive with misty mountains and serene greenery. It’s not very densely populated but there is an abundance of hotels and resorts for you to choose from. People consider this as a great family getaway as it’s known to be the place where Bheem actually killed the wicked Keechaka. There are many temples around the place as well, which were built years ago and preserved and maintained for visitors to admire and worship till day.

Mumbai to Chikaldara

Train- Rs.2000- Rs.4000 (11 hours)

Bus- Rs.1000- Rs. 1500 (17 hours)

Taxi/Drive- Rs.4000- Rs.7000 (9.5 hours)

Flight (Via Nagpur, then hire a taxi/car)- Rs.4000- Rs.8000 (7 hours)


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